"On my paper, in my words; I find peace, I find solace, I find me..."

Wunmi Fani

Is Reading Good for Writing?

Is reading good for writing? Can you be a good writer if you don’t read any books? Sometime last week, I had a conversation with someone who wanted to know how to get into writing and how to choose a genre. I asked her what kind of books she likes to read. She responded, “I don’t really like reading.” I …

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Reading Challenge & Goals for 2020

This reading challenge is aimed to help me conquer my humongous list of books waiting to be read. When I was a kid, I was a voracious reader. I read enormous amounts of books every week. I would show up at the library on Monday to borrow 12 books and return the next Monday to exchange them for new books. …

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The Underwear Defense – A Short Story

This short story sets a suspicious woman hot on the trails of mysterious underwear. I have been writing non-fiction under a different pen name for quite some time. My non-fiction series is quite successful and I will continue to publish under that name. However, sometime in 2015, I decided to return to fiction writing, which is my first love. I …

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