"On my paper, in my words; I find peace, I find solace, I find me..."

Wunmi Fani

Reading Challenge & Goals for 2020

When I was a kid, I was a voracious reader. I read enormous amounts of books every week. I would show up at the library on Monday to borrow 12 books and return the next Monday to exchange them for new books. It didn’t matter how large the books were. I finished them all within a week. The library staff started thinking I was having them on. I genuinely loved reading and I read everything. As an adult, with all …

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The Underwear Defense – A Short Story

I have been writing non-fiction under a different pen name for quite some time but sometime in 2015, I decided to return to fiction writing, which is my first love. I eased myself into it by writing a collection of short stories about courtships, relationships and almost weddings. I self-published the first story in the collection, The Underwear Defense and was encouraged by the feedback from readers so I self-published the entire collection under For Better, For Worse or Maybe …

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