"On my paper, in my words; I find peace, I find solace, I find me..."

Wunmi Fani

How to Create An Author Website – A Step By Step Guide

Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide covering how to create an author website for beginners. This is the continuation of an earlier post. You can read Do I Need an Author Website HERE. In the earlier article, I shared the top 7 reasons why you should start an author website as soon as you decide to start writing. Even if you’re …

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Writing Challenge 2020

This writing challenge is one I’ve set for myself in 2020. It’s a little bit different from the popular NaNoWriMo. In that challenge, people attempt to complete a 50,000 word manuscript between November 1 – 30 every year. I tried that a few years ago and didn’t care for the undue pressure it put on me, which ended up stifling …

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Why Do You Write?

“Why do you like writing?” This is a question someone asked me a few weeks ago. It’s a question I used to ask myself too. A long time ago. Writing is not an easy task even if you have a natural talent for it. On any given day, you can sit in front of a laptop and stare at a …

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