"On my paper, in my words; I find peace, I find solace, I find me..."

Wunmi Fani

Can You Be Creative Under Pressure?

“Is it possible to be creative under pressure?” One of my stressed-out friends asked me this a few weeks ago and it led me to remember something that happened when I was in secondary school. When I was 16, I was commandeered, to write a poem. Yep, you read that right. My boarding school was having a creative arts competition …

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Writing Life in the Time of Coronavirus

Today marks day 65 for me in quarantine. I still can’t believe I’ve been indoors for 2 months. I go out for grocery shopping and to pick up mail at the post office but I’m mostly in my room. Though I’m an introvert, the first two to three weeks of quarantine were tedious for me because my reading and writing …

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Do I Need an Author Website?

As someone who has a successful non-fiction career backed by high-ranking websites, I definitely recommend an author website as soon as you start your career. An author website is going to be one of the most important promotional tools for any writer, especially for a new writer. This two-part article will share the most important reasons why you should have …

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Writing Challenge 2020

This writing challenge is one I’ve set for myself in 2020. It’s a little bit different from the popular NaNoWriMo. In that challenge, people attempt to complete a 50,000 word manuscript between November 1 – 30 every year. I tried that a few years ago and didn’t care for the undue pressure it put on me, which ended up stifling …

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