Writing Life in the Time of Coronavirus

Today marks day 65 for me in quarantine. I still can’t believe I’ve been indoors for 2 months. I go out for grocery shopping and to pick up mail at the post office but I’m mostly in my room. Though I’m an introvert, the first two to three weeks of quarantine were tedious for me because my reading and writing …

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Is Reading Good for Writing?

Is reading good for writing? Can you be a good writer if you don’t read any books? Sometime last week, I had a conversation with someone who wanted to know how to get into writing and how to choose a genre. I asked her what kind of books she likes to read. She responded, “I don’t really like reading.” I …

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Reading Challenge & Goals for 2020

This reading challenge is aimed to help me conquer my humongous list of books waiting to be read. When I was a kid, I was a voracious reader. I read enormous amounts of books every week. I would show up at the library on Monday to borrow 12 books and return the next Monday to exchange them for new books. …

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