Christmas Book Tree 2021

I’m not one for a Christmas tree but this year, I had more books than bookshelf space so I decided to make a Christmas book tree out of the excess.

I usually only order a few books at the time but when I came across 25% off plus an extra $5 off and free shipping on Book Outlet for Black Friday, I kinda got out of control for a minute.

By the time I was done, I ended up with a significant pile of new books for my reading challenge for 2022.

It’s not a big book tree as this is my first time putting one together but I quite loved the results.

Christmas Book Tree 2021

I used my three favorite things to create my Christmas book tree for this year – books (duh), Baileys, and chocolate.

I finished it off with a few garlands and mini pine cones. I didn’t have a lot of space so I kept it minimal with the Christmas spirit in mind.

And I didn’t use lights because I was paranoid I would burn my library to the ground. Enjoy!

Wunmi Fani Christmas Book tree

This is a tradition I hope to maintain every year going forward instead of getting a traditional Christmas tree.

How to Build a Christmas Book Tree

If you’re thinking of putting together a Christmas book tree this year or sometime in the future, here’s a great step by step for building a Christmas book tree:-

  • Depending on how big you want your tree to be, you’re going to need lots and lots of books.
  • Start layering the books in the shape of a Christmas tree according to height (pyramid-shaped like mine) or in a circular direction like the ones below from National Union Catalog.

Christmas Book Tree Inspiration

  • Garlands – I used short garlands because my tree isn’t very high but if yours is much higher, you’ll need longer length garlands in one color or different colors.
  • Finish off with mini pine cones, a star, an angel, etc for the top of the book tree.
  • Decorate with festive lights or any other accompaniments you think to light up your Christmas book tree.

Some people go more elaborate with tables and boxes but I’m about that minimalist lifestyle.

Happy Holidays!

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