Reading Challenge 2023

I’m jumping on reading challenge 2023 earlier this year to get as many books as possible in.

I already have about 12 books on the waiting list and it’s only January. lol.

As you can see, I buy books faster than I can read them but thus the life of a reader. 

I launched my reading challenge in 2020 to develop a great habit and improve my mind while improving my writing skills. 

I’m very optimistic about how many books I can get through this year despite having to go back to school in February but I always love a challenge.

Reading challenge & list ideas for 2023

Reading Challenge 2023 List

So, here are the 12 books I’ve already lined up for reading challenge 2023. I’ll be breaking down month by month as I work my way through the list:-

The list is a bit more varied this year. I’ve also joined a book club at work and I’m interested to see if that gets me to read even more books. 

As always, I’m also reading a few personal finance and mental health books behind the lines which fill my non-fiction quota.

This year, I’m also hoping to review some of the books I’ve been reading since 2020. 

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Support Independent Bookstores

You can buy any of the books from my reading challenge over at my store HERE.  

Buying through books supports local, independent bookstores.

What are your reading goals for 2023? And feel free to drop any book recommendations for me in the comments section. 

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