Writing Life in the Time of Coronavirus

Today marks day 65 for me in quarantine. I still can’t believe I’ve been indoors for 2 months.

I go out for grocery shopping and to pick up mail at the post office but I’m mostly in my room.

Though I’m an introvert, the first two to three weeks of quarantine were tedious for me because my reading and writing schedule had been changed without proper planning.

I need a certain mindset to read and write and they both crashed into each other when quarantine began.

As I adjusted to quarantine, I’ve developed a routine around my day job (will go into this more later) and my other activities.

I’ve stuck by the new routine to prevent lethargy and cabin fever from setting in. 

Writing Life in the Time of Coronavirus


I was on track to finish my first WIP for 2020 by the end of March/middle of April and was at 85% when quarantine started.

The disruption canceled that timeline as I had to rearrange my other work schedule.

I started pitching requests via HARO (Help a Reporter Out).

HARO provides journalists with a database of sources for stories. As an online solopreneur, it provides a way to secure valuable media coverage. 

I started writing pitches for my online platforms that matched requests on there.

This helped get my mind back into fiction writing mode. Sort of. So, have I gone back to finish the last three chapters of Finding Maya?

Not really.

I think another reason I might be subconsciously delaying finishing the book is that I don’t want to leave the characters.

I know it’s not writer’s block.

I can see the last three chapters in my head and I know what is going to happen but I’m not putting it to paper.

I also have nowhere to print out my first draft for editing before the rewrite starts since the library is closed.

I have a printer at home but it’s for printing 10 – 20 sheets of paper not hundreds of pages.

Sigh. Whatever may be, Finding Maya must be completed before the end of May and I have stamped that deadline in my mind.

On a positive note, I fleshed out WIP 2 – The Company Playground – a little bit more so there’s that.

How’s your writing life in the time of quarantine? Talk to me in the comments section.


I am not suddenly reading more because I have time with quarantine. Quite the contrary.

I’m self-employed and earning money to pay the bills is a bit of a priority, especially now.

I’m currently trying to maximize my earnings as my online business is booming.

I expect earnings will peter out when things go back to normal-ish. As a result, reading isn’t much of a priority.

I’m still on the last book I added to my Reading Challenge List in March. I’ve pretty much set it aside for now.

What does this mean for my 2020 reading challenge? I’ll get back to you on that after quarantine.

What else do I do besides thinking about my writing and working on my business?

I work out every day and take classes and seminars online. I nap a lot too. I’m a big napper.

I’m not a big eater so my diet is pretty much the same if not less food.

I haven’t given up chocolate though. A girl has gotta have some sort of vice.

Anyway, off to do some more work now. Stay safe!

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